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    Bringing Clarity, Motivation, Art and Mindfulness to your workplace at the Speed of Business.

    Exclusively for Silicon Valley, Bay Area.


  • Examples of wellness PROGRAMS and workshops for companies

    From yoga classes at office to corporate retreats, off-sites and team-buildings, we are happy to offer best instructors from Bay Area and world most efficient programs and corporate incentives to increase your employees well-being, health, creativity, emotional intelligence

    and reduce stress of our intensive life.  

    Team-Building Art Sessions

    “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

    Art therapy is a practice of creating as a way to heal wounds of the mind or spirit.A piece of art, created by all team members brings joy, increase creativity and bounding in the team. While hanging on the wall in your office, if will be a remainder for year for all project participant.

    Sound Healing Session

    Recent research suggests that the influences of certain rhythms, sounds and vibrations can help us resist and recover from a wide variety of ailments.

    Energize. Refocus. Unwind. Reconnect with what matters. Then find that peace that we all long for at the end of the work day.


    Nature Connection and Hiking

    Hiking and being in nature are harmonizing body-mind-heart-spirit.

     A 2015 study from Stanford University found that time spent in natural environments (as opposed to busy city settings) calmed activity in a part of the brain that research has linked to mental illness. Hanging out with Mother Nature also seems to reduce your mind’s propensity to “ruminate”

    Nutrition Workshops

    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates


    Main goal of our healthy cooking, nutrition and smoothie workshops is not a "show-case", but formatting a new healthy habit for life-time.



    Treasure Hunting and Mystery

    “If two men on the same job agree all the time, then one is useless. If they disagree all the time, both are useless.” ― Darryl F. Zanuck

    It's fun and highly connecting team-building activity gives exercise to our brain and boosts creativity, promotes healthy and deep relationships between team member. If organized in nature, it also could be a great team workout.

    Stress Management Workshop

    Office or nature settlement. Could be combined with other programs.

    Developing healthy stress-relieving habits really does pay off in the long run. Not only does a regular stress management practice stave off the negative effects of stress, but it can also bring positive outcomes like increased productivity, better health and more happiness in general.

    Team Tea Ceremony

    Works perfectly for small teams, 3-15 people.

    The Japanese tea ceremony, ‘Sado’ – the way of tea is a path of the integration and peace. It’s about connecting all kinds of people without exception. It’s an essential way to be if we want to live in harmony with nature and each other. Sado is also a discipline, study that involves many years, a life time practice that includes four principles of tea, respect, purity, harmony and tranquility as well as a zen aesthetic of the tea.

    Team Vision Creation

    Identify Team Values, Mission Statement together with professional guidence

    As the result of this activity, you'll have Vision and Mission Statement, created by your team. They will feel comfortable in asking for, giving and receiving feedback, understand what their impact has been and look for ways to continuously explore and improve what they do.



  • who we are?

    Our team consists of mindful people, who use to work for Google, Facebook, Silicon Valley startups, McKinsey, Nestle and other business. We believe in finding and support the best entrepreneurs across the world that are using technology and the internet to help solve the world's problems. We deliver holistic workshops, inspirational talks, de-stress sessions and events to boost creativity, inspiration, mindfulness and productivity of your employees. We are a very flexible boutique agency, so, we will a program based on your unique needs.

    We inspire!

    Hand-crafted powerful programs to increase productivity, positive work atmosphere, boost a team spirit and individual creativity and happiness

    Our goal is to deliver inspiration to your workplace via variety of art and fun workshops and relaxing sessions to awaken innovation further across the Silicon Valley and around the world.



    Mindful Consulting

    Hand-crafted powerful programs to increase productivity, positive work atmosphere, boost a team spirit and individual creativity and happiness

    We combine business expertise (management, investments, operations, HR, sales, marketing, R&D, production) and mindful expertise (holistic couching, design team events that engage and inspire, using insights from business psychology and mindfulness).